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The Brokedown Pamphlet

Chris R-0779.jpg Image by Christine Renney

Despite the continual warnings, all the official advice, they continued to travel. Despite the very real threat of a bomb or poisonous gas or a man in the middle of the night coming into your room and holding a hand over your mouth whilst plunging a knife into your side. Despite all of this, they continued to visit and explore.
It was easy enough to get a flight, find your way to anywhere. Still possible to climb part of the Eiffel Tower or gaze at the site where the Parthenon once stood. For the most part they set off alone but were easily identifiable in their raggedy uniforms of jeans, a sweatshirt and sensible shoes. And so, with their backpacks, they banded together. There was safety in numbers or so they hoped.

‘Why do we do it?’ Joe asked.
‘Because we can,’ Eve replied, without missing…

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Tourist and transport


“The real voyage consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes in front the new places” (Marcel Proust).
Next week some people will travel and others, like me, will remain in our customary places. To those I wish them, a happy trip, but for us too. We can to prepare our next (maybe I will go to Germany on Christmas) or simply close our eyes and dream with these sketches.  The first, about London is dedicated to a very good friend of mine:

Have a wonderful trip and a nice stay Sara !  The next days you’ll be in my mind.

Dear followers, thanks for your visit!

By Roberts, David - A view over Thames and Houses of Parliament By Roberts, David – A view over Thames and Houses of Parliament

By Matisse - Le pont Saint-Michel over the Seine By Matisse – Le pont Saint-Michel over the Seine

By Singer Sargent - A corner of a channel in Venice By Singer Sargent – A corner of a channel in Venice

By Pissarro & Thornley, G. W - View of the old quarter near the cathedral in Rouen By Pissarro & Thornley, G. W –…

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Honeymoon phase?


When we were dating and even now in our marriage, Jared and I have had several people tell us we were/are “just in the honeymoon phase” and “don’t get used to it, it won’t last”.


Both of us have been so confused by what that even means. Was that supposed to be encouraging or terrifying to us?  When we were dating, we eventually determined that the honeymoon phase probably meant a “stage” in our relationship when things are really good between us. No fights, a lot of quality time spent together, obnoxious hand-holding, super cute Instagram pics and  mushy captions, etc. (Ps – I’m an excessively sarcastic person – so I hope you picked up on the sarcasm there)

We kind of brushed off the comments and moved on. But as often as we were told our good times wouldn’t last, we ultimately became disheartened by the issue that others were pointing to.


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The Hangover Honeymoon!

Mad Man Knitting

…..and we’re recovering nicely, thank you 🙂

It’s probably one of the shortest honeymoons in history. We started celebrating at about noon. Pizza was ordered, a few beers cracked, then Kara showed up with a bottle of wine. Mercy….As they say, never mix, never worry. We shouldn’t have mixed, is all I can say. But, we had a marvelous day. Laughed the whole time, cuddled when necessary, and giggled coyly at each other.

I have to say one of the highlights was when the pizza arrived. This truly nice old man (probably in his early 70’s) knocked on the door. I went outside to greet and pay him and he said, “Sounds like quite the party in there!” I couldn’t help myself, “Yeah! I just got married!” And he asked so innocently, “What’s the lucky girl’s name?” I said in the most deplorable baritone, “(BUUUUUURRRRP!) Phillip….”

Without missing a beat…

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